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Clydebank Repertory Theatre
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Cast Photos

Say Who You Are
David Lord   Jim Dolan
Sarah Lord  Ruby McGregor
Valerie Pitman   Moyra Kean
Stewart Wheeler  Hamilton Kirkwood
Produced by Evan C Fraser
Stage Manager  Jack Kerr
Stage Lighting  Frank Mulligan
Set Construction / Stage Crew
Jim kelly,Jim Fulton,David mitchell,Pete Murray,Vi Machell,Bob Machell,Wilson Fraser,Ian Church , Lorna MacPherson
House Manager  Bill smith



Sign of the Times 1976
Andrew Perry    Hamilton Kirkwood
Kate Martin   Moyra Kean
Doreen Macaulay  Sandra Paterson
Bob Gilchrist  Ron Laughton
Mrs Macaulay  May  Mitchell
Danga Manbaba  Steve Coombe
Produced by Evan C Fraser
Stage crew and set construction
Jim Kelly,Jim Fulton,Jack Kerr,Bill Smith,Bob Matchell, Dereck Brocket, Pete Murray,Lesley Lang,Irene Box
Stage Decor
Vi Matchell,Steve Coombe




Shadow in the Sun  1970 aprox
School Head  Hilda gibson
De Groot  Bill Smith
PT instructor  Moyra Kean
Ann Baker  Masy Mitchell
Peter Vandenberg  Hamilton Kirkwood
Other parts played by
Aillen park
Jean Orr
Irene Buie
May Jamieson
Nan Brown
Grace Tough
Nan Morrison
Robert Gibson
Produced Andy Williamson
Stage Crew
Tommy Walker
Jannette Charity
Frank Mulligan

Jean Orr, Irene Buie, Aileen Park

Jean Orr, Hilda Gibson, Bill Smith, Ailleen Park

Thanks to Moira (Kean) Jamieson for the above photos