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Clydebank Repertory Theatre
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Club Members

Details of Members of Clydebank Repertory Theatre Club

Stewart Parker circa 1970
Actor,Singer Guitarist, Stage Crew,
Morning Departure, Oh What A Lovely War see pess cuttings, Wildewinde in  Doctor in The House, Rep Reviews. Left Rep to concentrate on singing career.Appeared on the Terry McGeadie show on Scot FM Radio
For further details of singing carreer visit.
Jane Easton Circa 1970
Actress, Stage crew,
Mary MgGregor in the Prime of miss Jean Brodie also appeared in Pygmalion The Secretary Bird and Sang in Rep Reviews.
Arthur Copeland  circa 1970
Actor , Stage Crew, Lighting, Front of House
First discovered the rep whilst working with the red creoss .Played Rudge in Madam Tic Tac.Amomst other parts. In The Red Barn worked revolving spot from back of the auditorium Yellow for the goodie , Green for the baddie , in the true spirit of victorian melodrama.
Christine Orr  circa 1970
Stage Crew, Front of house,
Jean Orr circa 1970
Actress, Front of house,
Frank Mulligan  circa 1970
Stage crew, Front of house.
Hammy Kirkwood  circa 1970
Actor, Stage Crew, One of the reps most successful actors in this period went on to work on TV.
Gerry  Collins
Actor , performed lead in many rep plays went on to vork in TV
Billy Kirkwood circa 1970
Younger brother of Hammy . Actor , Stage Crew.
Played parts as extras in film and TV including
Taggart, Gregory's Two Girls, Regeneration,
Anne Alexander circa 1970
A member of the club  in the 70's .
Pete Murray
circa 1970
My time with the Rep was one of the happiest times of my life . The people I met there , without exception were fine performers and good friends. I have so many fond memories of the rep , that it would be impossible to single out one. i do not think my memory plays tricks when I say , as I look back  , as I often do, that the Rep worked to a very high standard and that I learned so much from all concerned. I would like to send best wishes to surviving members of the Rep, but also to say that those who have passed away will always be remembered fondly. My very best wishes to you all. 
Billy Rose
Actor , Comic, Singer, Producer, Agent, Rep Secretary
Acted in and produced many of the reps most successful plays and reviews . Left to take up a possition at Dundee Rep.
Evan Fraser
Actor ,Comic,Singer,Producer,Rep chairman,
Acted in and produced many of the Reps most successful plays.
Remembered for doing a strip routine in a Rep Review in black velvet body suit with all the womans clothes being sprayed with flourecent paint and performed under ultra violet lights. There were groans from the males in the audience when the lights came up.
Also playrd Archie in the Entertainer to great reviews
Irene Buie
Actress, Stage Crew, Front of  house
Jim Cameron
Acotor, Stage Crew, Front of House
Whatever job there was to do in the Rep Jim has done it.
Terry McGeadie
Actor, Singer Guitarist,Stage Crew, Set Designer.
Terry will always be remembered for painting the scenery for Oh What a Lovely War in black and white camoflage . He went on to work on Radio Clyde, Radio West sound, and Radio Scot FM as well as appearing on TV.
Jim Kelly
Actor, Stage Crew,
Stage builder par excelence , designed built and painted most of the scenery for many rep plays. Life Member
Jim Fulton
Actor, Stage Crew, Life Member , Along with Jim Kelly the main man in set building and design.
Aileen Park
Actress, Front of House .
Played Sandy in the prime of miss jean Brodie and appeared in the nude scene although much to the disapointment of the stage crew covered in a body stocking.
Grace Tough
Actress, Front of house , Life Member
Joan McKenna
Liz Burnett
Stewart Stevenson
Bill Anderson
Actor , Lighting Manager
Bill was Mr lighting in the Rep.and could always be found at the left of the stage beside the lighting panel thinking up his next effect.
Lisa Anderson
Played many lead roles but recieved praise from all quarters for her portrayal of Miss Jean Brodie.Married to Bill see above.
Andy Williamson
Actor, Stage Crew
One of the reps most succesful actors playing the lead man in many of the productions. Continued in Amatuer dramatics after closure of the rep and is currently( 2002) a member of the Fort Theatre in Bishopbriggs producing their annual panto as well as acting in their productions.
Bill Smith
Actor, Board member, A wonderful baddie in victorian melodrama.
Jack Kerr
Actor, Producer, Writer of Rep Pantomime, Board member,
Joyce Kerr
Actress, front of house, stage crew, wife of Jack and for many years Treasurer.
Dennis Meikleham
Actor, Played Willie Scott in Lass wi the muckle mou. See press cuttings
Charlie Marr
Actor , Stage Crew , Board member
Mary Mitchell
Robert Wilson
Actor, Musician, Board Member. Club Treasurer
Fay Brown
Jennifer Haining  circa 1970
Actress, Front of House. Played Monica in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Helen Kerr circa 1970
Actress,front of house, stage Crew, Played Jenny in the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Catriona Murdoch circa 1970
Actress, Front of house, Stage Crew, Dancer , Singer, Choreographer
Bryan McNabney
Actor, Stage Crew
R Syme
Actor , Stage Crew
Vi Machell
Actress, Life Member
Bob Machell
Actor, Stage Crew, Life Member
Harold McKenna
Actor , Life Member
Babara Ann Brown
Mary Jayne Dale
Joan McKenna
Jannette  McWilliam
May Jamieson
Rep Secretary for many years.
Norrie Copeland
Mrs N Copeland
Dianne Copeland
The Family Copeland above were members of the theatre during the 60's before moving on the the Green Room in Dumbarton . All acted in various plays including Diane at the age of 10. Norrie was a well known figure in the Clydebank area teaching at Clydebank High School.
Moira Jamieson (Kean)
A member from 1965/6 till 1982.
Appeared in many plays after joining the rep from Clydebank East Youth Club where her talent was spotted by Evan Fraser. Was one of the reps leading ladies with many reveues of her talent in the local press.
Moved from the Clydebank area and performed and produced at the Fort Theatre Bishopbriggs. Thankfuly she also kept a scrap book of her time in the rep which has provided many of the photos on this site.
A S McArthur
A Slater
C Syme
Gordon McIntosh
J Hutchieson
Esther Gourlay

If you have any information on any of the above performers then please contact us. If you are listed above and would like to add details to your listing please contact.