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Clydebank Repertory Theatre
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performance photos 3

The Anniversary
performed 1969
Tom   Hamilton Kirkwood
Shirley  Moyra Kean
Henry  John Mullin
Terry  Tom Kerr
Karen  Hilda Gibson
Mum  Nan Brown
Directed by Billy Rose
Stage manager Charlie Mar
Assistant SM  Brian McNabney , Billy Kirkwood
Lighting Bill Anderson
Decor  Nan Cameron
Set buit by  James Kelly, James Fulton
Costumes By  Fay Brown


The Rep Partee productions were variety shows with most of the rep members performing . The cast list is from the show programme for  REP PARTEE 67 and gives some idea of the number of people required to put the shows on. The photo is also from Rep partee 67
Nan Brown
Ingriud Corbett
Mary Donald
May Jamieson
Isobel Jenkins
Moira Kean
Violet Machel;
Helen Mitchell
Ann McArthur
Joan G McKenna
Moira McTavish
Elsbeth Stewart
Grace Tough
Charles alexander
James H Cameron
Evan C Fraser
Tom Kerr
James Kelly
Billy rose
Brem Smith
Bobby Syme
Andy Williamson
At the Pianos
Bobby Wilson
Charles Alexander
Directed By Evan C Fraser- with ideas from everybody.
Aditional material writen by Evan C Fraser,Joan McKenna, Billy Rose
Stage Crew
Evan c Fraser
Isobel Jenkins
James Fulton
Billy rose
Noble milne
Lindsay McIntyre
Douglas smart
James Kelly
robert wilson
George Knight
Mary Mckenna
Margaret smith